Orthodontics is a dental medicine specialty that deals with the study and treatment of malocclusions (malocclusion = defective “bite”) that could be a result of teeth irregularities, disproportionate intermaxillary relations or both.

Crooked or misaligned teeth are harder to take care of, can be lost earlier due to decays and parodontopathy and force the mastication muscles to supplementary effort, which can lead to headaches and pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Another disadvantage is the unaesthetic look of crooked or misaligned teeth.

For children, it is recommended to have a medical examination at an orthodontist at around the age of 7.

The orthodontic treatment can be successfully made at any age, but especially adults appreciate the privileges of an esthetic smile. The orthodontic treatment made at an adult age is useful for:

  • cavity prevention,
  • parodontopathy prevention (gingival and osseous retraction and teeth loss),
  • avoidance of pathological teeth abrasion (blunt teeth),
  • prevention of temporomandibular joint painful syndrome and
  • having an esthetic smile.

The purpose of this treatment is not only to improve the facial aspect and of smile esthetics, but also to improve teeth, parodontium and temporomandibular joint health. It is never too late to have a charming smile!