Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with dental treatments for children. This special category of patients has its own specific requirements, where the dentist’s ability to become friends with the child and to help him deal with medical consultation and treatments causing him as little pain as possible is very important, not so much physical but psychological.

At Favorit Dental Clinic children have special treatment and enjoy special attention and care beyond ordinary bonds. We love children and have learned how to talk to them, how to create a connection and how to play with them so that the dentist experience seems, if not a game, at least a great adventure from which they emerge victorious.

We offer the whole range of treatments for children, even for those of a very small age. Moreover, our radiology system is the best suited when an X-ray is absolutely necessary, because it reduces the radiation amount to a minimum level.

Children enjoy all our attention, but the best team is made with informed parents.

Below are some aspects which the parents should know concerning pregnancy, breastfeeding and child upbringing, so that they can enjoy healthy teeth:

Teeth must be taken care of from very beginning

Therefore, special attention must be given to diet and hygiene even since intrauterine life. A healthy diet during pregnancy, rich in fresh and natural food, with an adequate concentration of calcium, D vitamin, phosphorus and proteins is very important for the child’s health and especially for the teeth that he/she will have.

The baby’s mouth, gums and tooth buds start to form even since the 2nd pregnancy month. It is recommended that the baby’s gums be lightly massaged with the appearance of the first tooth. This will help the other teeth emerge more easily. After the age of 2, the child should be gradually taught to make his own brushing.

Efficient brushing for children, toothbrushes for children  

The most efficient brushing way is vertical brushing, both for children, as well as for adults. Brush your teeth together with your child so he can learn the brushing technique. Through teeth brushing and the use of an interdental toothbrush, you help activate periodontal circulation. The movements must be made upward to downward for the upper dental arch and from downward to upward for the lower dental arch.

Brushing for children is made with toothbrushes especially designed for every age.  You should buy toothpaste suited for your child’s age, so that the swallowed fluorine quantity is kept to a minimum. The first visits to the dentist should be made around the age of 3, so that the child can be acquainted with the doctor and the clinic. Once all the milk teeth appeared, around the age of 4, it is recommended that regular consults are performed in order to prevent decays.

Children consultations are usually shorter and more numerous  

On the first consultation, if it’s not an emergency, the little one shall get acquainted with the doctor, with the clinic and with the dental chair. He will be explained that the chair is some kind of spaceship, and that the parts are airplanes, bumblebees and other funny elements for him. The topical anesthetic gel is colored, has a pleasant smell and taste so that children like it.

Unlike adults, at children decays affect the dental pulp faster and so the tooth doesn’t need to have a high lack of substance for the lesion to reach the nerve or even for an abscess to form. If the milk teeth are lost to soon, the permanent teeth could grow cramped. Thumb sucking and pacifiers are the children’s basic preoccupations during the first months of their existence. The sucking reflex appears since intrauterine life and is perfected after birth, helping the baby feed him/herself. Thumb sucking is a reflex act having a positive emotional value, of soothing and satisfaction. Babies tend to suckle when they are tired, upset or bored. Pacifiers or thumb sucking regulate heart beats and breathing rhythm, which brings them the peace they need. Naturally, most children stop thumb sucking between the ages of 2 to 4. If this habit continues after the age of 4, the doctor’s help is recommended, because permanent teeth start to appear, whose growth may be affected.

Come anytime with your child to our clinic. We prepared a journey just like in fairytales, in which his/her teeth become magic and healthy.

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