Prophylaxis represents the prevention of dental disorders and complications in already existing diseases. Discovering a disorder in its early stages is the best solution to avoid complicated and expensive treatments.

The main dental problems, decays and periodontal disease, don’t have many symptoms in their early stages. The patient cannot discover by himself if the dental problem appears or which is the stage of his problem. This is why regular appointments to the dentist are necessary, to find and treat dental problems on time and to prevent others from appearing.

Favorit Dental Clinic offers the following dental prophylaxis services:

  • Rules regarding oral hygiene
  • Bacterial plaque detection
  • Professional brushing and descaling.

Any step you take now towards preventing a dental problem from getting worse can save you from spending a large amount of money, from wasting your time and from future pains. Most dental problems have solutions in their early stage with one visit to the clinic and at low costs.

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