Dr. Adelina Mihaela Puciumande graduated in Dentistry at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila Bucharest in 2013. In 2016 she became a specialist in endodontics (root canal therapy) in the same university.




Hospital for Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery, Pr. Dr. Dan Theodorescu, Bucharest (Romania):

  1. Highlights and causative factors preventing the pulp and apical pathology through knowledge of the morpho-physiology of the dental pulp and periodontal and endodontic anatomy apical space;
  2. Preoperative assessment of opportunities for a correct endodontic treatment by staging the reversible or irreversible condition of the pulp;
  3. Knowledge of surgical treatment methods associated with conventional endodontic treatment;
  4. Identification of factors that can affect the course and outcome of orthograde endodontic treatment and existing opportunities if resumption would be necessary;
  5. Knowledge of the principles and techniques of modern conservative endodontic treatment by applying the most appropriate methods allowing to maintain all or part of living pulp in cases of reversible pulp diseases, as well as therapeutic principles and techniques applied in the event of irreversible pulp illnesses;
  6. Knowledge of biomechanical principles to achieve specific functional morphological tooth restorations for endodontic treated teethes;
  7. The specific principles of odonto- restorative therapy;
  8. Endo-periodontal correlations;
  9. Endodontic and dental alveolar surgery;
  10. Prosthetic Restorations tailored for endodontic treated teeth;
  11. Principles of endodontic therapy applied in pedodontics;
  12. Endodontic implications of orthodontic therapy;
  13. Dental implant surgery as a treatment alternative.