A beautiful tooth gives us a healthy and pleasant smile, making us more confident in our own person.

What Are Dental Faces?

Dental faces are thin sheets made entirely of ceramics. The principle that works is similar to that of the nail, applied over the nail. The role of the facets is so functional in nature to increase the quality of the teeth as well as the aesthetic nose.

They are uniquely made in the shape, color and position desired and aesthetically correct the damaged teeth or teeth, whether it is caries and fractures, diastema, or cracks, deformations or persistent stains, cramped or abrasive teeth.

In what situations are dental faces indicated?

when there are large and unsightly fillings;
if some of the teeth are too small;
teeth that have undergone color changes;
if there are spaces between the teeth, such as the strung (diastema);
if there were accidents / teeth trauma;
slight tooth position changes;
What are the advantages of dental floss?

Rapidity – Ideal treatment for troubled teeth (caries, cracks, scabs, spatters), patches (stains caused by inadequate treatments with tetracycline or fluorine, persistent nicotine and coffee stains) or deformed (inadequate shape and size, crooked teeth or rotate).

Aesthetic appearance – Patients can look 10 years younger. With the help of porcelain facets, the shape of the teeth can be corrected (narrow, broken, with spaces between them), the size (short, too long, uneven), the color (colored or faded) and the alignment (crooked and stranded) of the teeth.

Minimally Invasive Character – Making dental faces involves minor tooth enamel teeth while keeping the tooth live. The ultimate goal of the dental faces is to achieve physiologically integrated restorations in harmony with the face and gums while keeping the vital teeth.

Durability – Ceramic dental faces represent a solution for aesthetic rehabilitation of the smile with good results in time, being well superior to whitening or restoration with composite materials. It is a recommended treatment for 10-15 years.