Who doesn’t want to look better, feel more relaxed when laughing and smile again with confidence? Our dentists are ready to give you a beautiful smile so you can start enjoying anything you want in life!


What is dental aesthetics?

  • Dental aesthetics comprises of all the dental treatments which help improve the look of your teeth and gums, as well as the way you chew.
  • The Favorit Dental Clinic doctors are up to date with the latest materials and techniques in modern dentistry and annually attend dental aesthetics seminars and congresses to be able to give you a perfect smile with minimal invasive treatments!


What techniques do you use to transform smiles?

  • Dental filling – When doing a filling, our dentists restore both the health of the tooth and its aesthetics, so that the dental filling perfectly matches in shape and colour to your natural tooth. You will be able to smile with confidence as your filling will be unnoticeable.
  • Veneers are ultra-thin pieces of porcelain, of various shapes and sizes, which are applied directly to the tooth to give you a perfect smile. Veneers are the secret behind the smiles of many Hollywood stars!
  • Dental bleaching is the most common procedure in dental aesthetics. You have the option to either whiten your teeth quickly in our clinic (1-2 hours) or get a whitening treatment to use at home (1-2 weeks).

Both whitening methods are safe and do not cause side effects. You may experience slight gum irritation or teeth sensitivity, which disappear after you complete the treatment.

If you suffer from either periodontal disease, affected enamel or increased teeth sensitivity, our doctors will recommend other dental treatments for a whiter smile, such as veneers or ceramic crowns.

  • Dental jewels are 18K yellow or white gold with or without Swarovski crystals, which can be applied by our dentists directly on the tooth surface with a special adhesive. The adhesive lasts for up to a year.

It is important to know that dental jewels do not have side effects, nor affect the tooth enamel or cause injuries if swallowed. If you change your mind, we can easily remove the jewels!


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