“Nothing connects people more than laughter.” Lev Nicolai Tolstoy

Although not a dentistry branch in itself, dental aesthetics becomes nowadays more and more a corollary of the other dentistry subjects.

As a short definition, one can state that dental aesthetics includes those activities whose purpose is to improve the teeth and gums appearance or the way we chew.

Sometimes these actions also have practical improvement effects of the denture functionality (for example as in the case of orthodontics, prosthetics, etc.), whilst sometimes they only have aesthetic effects (such as teeth whitening, colour of dental filling, etc.).

Dental aesthetics in the last years

Dental aesthetics gained great importance in modern dentistry, especially during the last 30 years, being also a result of new materials and techniques.

In our country seminaries and conferences on dental aesthetics are organized with the participation of famous doctors from the country and from abroad that our doctors attended and still attend.

What follows is a brief presentation of some aspects on dental aesthetics performed within our clinic.

Dental obturation

Obturation (filling) – when we perform a filling, firstly we restore the initial and healthy condition of the tooth. This way, the filling will not become just a white mark on the surface of the tooth, but it will return to the original form and color of the tooth, so that it will perfectly match the adjacent ones.

Dental veneers

Veneers – veneers are ultra-fine porcelain laminates, of different shapes and sizes that are applied directly on the tooth. They are recommended when an inter-dental space needs to be filled or when whitening treatments don’t have the expected results.

Dental whitening

Whitening – is the most common dental aesthetics procedure. There exist various whitening methods. You can go for a faster method, performed at our clinic (from one and two hours) or for a slower method performed at home (one to two weeks). The period of time also depends on the desired color. Clinical studies demonstrated that these whitening methods are safe and have no side effects.

Some patients may manifest slight gum irritations and increased dental sensibility, effects which disappear shortly after finishing the treatment. Nevertheless, there are some contraindications (periodontal diseases, enamel diseases, highly sensitive teeth, etc.), cases in which our doctors will suggest other forms of treatment (for example, veneers, ceramic crowns, etc.).

Usually the effects of a whitening treatment last from 1 to 3 years, depending on several factors (genetic, smoking, food and drinks that stain teeth, such as coke, red wine, coffee, etc.), after which it can be repeated.

Dental jewelry

Dental jewelry – are small pieces of 18K yellow or white gold and/or Swarovski crystals which are applied on the tooth with a special adhesive. If well fixed, it can last up to a year. In case you want to remove it, this can be easily done. There are no side effects, and if swallowed, no lesions are produced.

The application is quick and completely painless, and the enamel is not affected.

Prices for Cosmetic/Aesthetic treatments

  • Ultrasound descaling and professional brushing 200 lei
  • Professional brushing/arch 50 lei
  • Air-flow cleaning 70 lei
  • Professional cleaning (descaling, professional brushing)/tooth  12 lei
  • Study model/arch  50 lei
  • Topic fluoridation/arch 50 lei
  • Prophylactic sealing/tooth 80 lei
  • Complete cleaning (Air Flow, brushing, scaling) 250 lei
  • Prophylactic sealing/tooth 50 lei
  • Whitening treatment with mouthguards/at the clinic/2 sessions 400 lei
  • Skice – dental jewelry (Swarovski crystals, gold, etc.) 150 lei
  • Whitening treatment with mouthguards/at home 650 lei
  • Whitening treatment with a LED lamp at the clinic (2-3 sessions) 650 lei
  • Endodontic Whitening (per session) 100 lei