It’s never too late to get a charming smile!


What is orthodontics?

  • Orthodontics corrects the position of teeth on the dental arches and fixes unbalanced biting.
  • Depending on each case, our dentists recommend wearing personalized orthodontic aligners for each patient.
  • Orthodontics offers solutions for both children and adults.


Why is it important to straighten my teeth?

  • It’s harder to maintain a proper oral hygiene with crooked teeth and this usually leads to teeth loss due to cavities or periodontitis.
  • Teeth that are not properly aligned force your chewing muscles to make an extra effort when you eat, usually causing headaches or pain in your neck, back and shoulders.
  • Properly aligned teeth make your smile charming!


At what age should I bring my child in for an orthodontic consult?

  • If you notice that your child’s teeth are not properly aligned, we recommend that you bring him in for a consult in our clinic around the age of seven.


Which are the advantages of orthodontic treatments for adults?

  • Prevention of tooth decay.
  • Prevention of periodontal disease – the gingival and bone retraction that causes tooth loss.
  • Prevention of tooth erosion.
  • Prevention of pain in the temporomandibular joint.
  • The treatments result in a beautiful and healthy smile.


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Prices for Orthodontic treatments

  • Initial consultation 100 lei
  • Space maintainer 250 lei
  • Palatal plate 900 lei
  • Mouthguard 300 lei
  • Fixed orthodontic device/arch with metal bracket/arch 2500 lei
  • Fixed orthodontic device/arch with ceramic bracket/arch 3000 lei
  • Flexible orthodontic device/arch 1000 lei
  • Brackets prophylaxis 200 lei
  • Periodical consultation/device 60 lei
  • Mobile device repairing 200 lei
  • Ring re-cementing 50 lei
  • Bracket re-gluing 100 lei
  • Contention device 500 lei
  • Arch expansion 1000 lei
  • Transpalatal arch 500 lei
  • Lingual sutured arch 250 lei
  • Functional devices 1000 lei
  • Activator 1000 lei
  • Bara linguala 300 lei
  • Trainer preortodontic 600 lei
  • Positioner 1000 lei
  • Safir Fixed device 3500 lei/arcada
  • Incognito Glosal Device 2000-4000 euro
  • Invisalign mouth-guard 2500-5000 euro
  • Extraorale device 600 lei