Your child will always enjoy special attention at Favorit Dental Clinic!


What is pedodontics?

  • Pedodontics is comprised of all the dental treatments for children.
  • Children are a special category of patients with their own needs and specific tooth care requirements.


How do we make dentist visits more pleasant for your child?

  • We use your child’s first consultation in our clinic as an opportunity to make him feel comfortable and familiar with the dentist, the instruments and the dental chair.
  • We tell children a story about how the dental chair is some kind of spacecraft, and how the dental instruments are actually airplanes, bumblebees and other fun things for them.
  • We use a fun topical anesthetic gel which has an attractive color, taste and smell for children.
  • Your child enjoys special attention and care in our clinic. We love children and our team of doctors is trained to talk gently with kids and play with them, thus making every dentist visit feel like an adventure which they come out of feeling victorious!
  • We prefer to treat children in more visits than we would normally do in an adult’s case, to keep consultations shorter and more comfortable for them.


What advice can you give me to better take care of my child’s dental health?

  • You can make the right choices for your child’s dental health right from your pregnancy, if you pay close attention to your diet. In the second month of pregnancy, the baby’s mouth, gums and dentures begin to form. We recommend eating fresh, natural, high-calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus rich foods for your baby’s future dental health!
  • When your baby gets his first tooth, start to slowly massage your baby’s gums so that the next teeth will erupt more easily.
  • At the age of two, start teaching your toddler to brush correctly. The same as for adults, the most effective brushing method for children is vertical brushing. The brushing movements should be made from top to bottom for the upper teeth and from the bottom up for the lower teeth. It’s a good idea to brush together with your baby so he can learn the brushing technique more easily from you.
  • Buy age appropriate toothbrushes and toothpaste for your baby or toddler, so that the amount of fluoride they could potentially swallow is kept to a minimum.


What age should I bring my child in for his first dental checkup?

  • Bring your child in for his first dental consultation around the age of 3, so he can get familiar with the dentist, the clinic, the chair and all the instruments.
  • After the first milk teeth appear around the age of 4, make sure to bring your child in for regular dental checkups to prevent cavities.


Book an appointment

  • Are your ready to bring your child to our clinic for their first consultation? Call us at 0722.367.642 or book an appointment online here and we’ll make sure to schedule a dentist visit at a convenient time for you and your little one!

Prices for Pedodontic treatments

  • Composite filling lateral teeth 1 surface 130 lei
  • Composite filling lateral teeth 2 surfaces 150 lei
  • Composite filling lateral teeth 3 surfaces 170 lei
  • Composite filling frontal inter proximal teeth 200 lei
  • Composite filling frontal teeth one surface 200 lei
  • Composite filling near the gum line 130 lei
  • Prefabricated retention system – fiber glass + composite filling 250 lei
  • Desensitization agent/tooth 25 lei
  • Composite filling of temporary teeth 100 lei
  • Vital/non-vital monoradicular extirpation + root canal filling 200 lei
  • Vital/non-vital pluriradicular extirpation + root canal filling 250 lei
  • Vital/non-vital wisdom tooth extirpation + root canal filling 300 lei
  • Pain relief/endodontic drainage 100 lei
  • Temporary bandage 50 lei
  • Canal filling (mono-pluriradicular) 80-100 lei
  • Canal drug treatment (Pulpomixin, Ca(OH)) 50 lei
  • Glass ionomer cement filling 100 lei
  • Pluriradicular gangrene treatment 250 lei/teeth/3 sessions
  • Monoradicular gangrene treatment 200 lei/teeth/3 sessions
  • Temporary teeth gangrene treatment 150 lei/teeth/3 sessions
  • Floursign body extraction from the canal 300 lei
  • Monoradicular retreatment 300 lei
  • Pluriradicular retreatment 350 lei
  • Endodontic drainage 100 lei
  • Occlusal balance through selective polishing/tooth 15 lei
  • Basal filling 50-70 lei
  • Direct/indirect calcium hydroxide capping 30 lei
  • Vital extirpation + microscope root canal / canal 150 lei
  • Treatment of gangrene + microscope root canal / canal 200 lei
  • Microscopic retreatment / canal 250 lei