Did you know you can avoid cavities or gum diseases with just minimal effort? The Favorit Dental Clinic team can help you prevent dental problems, complications and costly treatments!

What is dental prophylaxis?

  • Dental prophylaxis refers to the prevention of dental diseases and complications from existing dental problems through regular visits to the dentist.


Why is dental prophylaxis important?

  • The main dental conditions (cavities and periodontal disease) do not usually have symptoms at their early stages, so you will not be able to tell if you suffer from a dental condition. You should take initiative and schedule regular consultations in our clinic to make sure you keep a proper oral health.


How can the Favorit Dental Clinic dentists help me prevent dental issues?

  • We teach you how to maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • We detect bacterial plaque and tartar.
  • We give you professional cleanings to remove tartar building.


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