If you are unhappy with your smile (coloristically) or want a glowing smile at an event you are or would like to be the focus of, there are many procedures and methods of teeth whitening for aesthetic purposes.

In dental practice for a long time in western countries, dental cosmetics is gaining more and more land in Romania.

One of the most common smile cosmetic operations, easy to apply and with visible and durable results is tooth whitening.

What is actually going on in this process?

The tooth structures are enamel (outside the dental crown – the visible part of the tooth), dentine (under the dental enamel) and cement (the hard substance covering the dental root). These structures protect the dental pulp (the so-called “nerve” of the tooth).

The natural color of dental enamel is white-translucent, enhanced by the color of the structures below it. The normal color of the dentin is yellow, but it has a porous structure, and some dental nerve compounds pass into the dentin, coloring it in brown, brown-red or brown-gray. The color we see is due to a complex of organic or inorganic factors that interfere with dental hard structures either inside or outside the tooth, with the predominance of internal factors. For this reason, simply brushing the teeth can not prevent darkening of the tooth in the dark yellow as we age. You can brush a whole day, but surely you will not get a teeth whitening!

It is the time when professional whitening intervenes in support of your wishes to improve your aesthetic appearance.

Professional whitening treatment can be performed by several procedures, such as mechanical whitening, chemical whitening, or whitening with the laser.

After the dentist’s specialist consultation, the type of whitening treatment indicated for each patient is determined. It is to be noted that chemical whitening is recommended when the health of the tooth is good.

Prior to any kind of whitening, a dental brush and professional brushing is required by the dentist. During whitening, it is recommended not to consume coffee, coca cola, chocolate, cocoa, red wine or other high-color drinks throughout the treatment plus 48 hours.

Also, for an adequate result, smoking is totally forbidden throughout the treatment period. A slight tenderness of the teeth may occur but this is resolved after 1-3 days or after a fluoride gel application.

These cosmetic whiskers are not harmful to the teeth to the extent that they are not abused by them. After bleaching, it is advisable to wait about 12-18 months until a new treatment is done.

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