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Dr. Diana Popa, born in 1987, dentist, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University “Titu Maiorescu” Bucharest in 2012. Diana is a specialist in porcelain veneers and aesthetic dentistry.


2013-present: courses, certifications / professional



“International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry” 12-14 May;

“Rehabilitation complex aesthetic occlusal equilibration stage work and communication office-laboratory” supported by Dr. Janusz Bartosz Troczynsky Kalinowsky and TD.



“Guti relax”, supported by Piotr Nagadowsky, November 21;

“Troubleshooting occlusion using facial Arc of the articulator” supported by Piotr Nagadowsky, November 20;

“Hearing mobilized and build-ups”, supported by Dr. Dragos Smărăndescu, October 31;

“International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry” 14-16 May;

“Ceramic veneers”, supported by Dr. Dragos Smărăndescu, May 8;

“Master endodontic series” lecture by Dr. Roberto Cristescu, Dr. M. Seruca, Dr.R.Macedo, Dr.Moinzadeh, Dr. C.Arznar April 18;

“Medical emergencies in dental surgery” performed by Lecturer Lucian Mihai Bacanu, February 28.



WORKSHOP “detailed techniques to achieve aesthetic restorations with G-aenial from Gc” supported by Dr. Mihaela Chivu, 06 February;

WORKSHOP “Geometry grinding stumps”, supported by Assistant Lecturer. Univ. Dr. Dragos Smărăndescu, 14.februarie;

WORKSHOP “Filling 3D” supported by Dr. Anca Badescu, May 7;

Interference multidisciplinary dentistry. Endodontics – a good binder for successful dentures and orthodontic treatments 8-9 May;

BPS – Course Occlusion and mobile prosthesis, Lecturers: Dr. Frank Zimmerlink, TD.Mattheus Boxhoorn, 22 May;

“Smile design, Mockup, fingerprinting, Temporary” – theoretical course with practical application. Lecturer: Dr. Dragos Smărăndescu, May 23;

“CAD-CAM systems in everyday practice”, Lecturer: Dr. Dan Hiersbach, May 31;

“Endodontics A to Z”, Lecturer: Dr. Peter Kiefner, June 20 to 21;

“Surface Morphology-the last but not the Least,” Lector: Sergiu Muresan, June 28;

“Solutions restoration extensive coronary lesions; total adhesion etch / self-etch / selective etch. Direct versus indirect adhesive restorations affixed adhesive semi “, Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Constantin Varlan, November 1;

“Options current prosthetic /  implant prosthetics”, Lecturer: Dr. Sebastian Soicu, November 14;

“Preparation and endodontic filling space”, Lecturer: Dr. Camill Ianes, December 6.



SSER member (Romanian Society of Aesthetic Stomatology)

AMSPPR member (Romanian Society of Dental Doctors with Private Practice).